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NBC discovers racism in New Orleans. Again!

What with all the talk about more per capita deaths of whites than blacks, NBC seems to have struck back. On tonight's NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams announced - somewhat triumphantly - that racism had been discovered in the housing situation for evacuees. I only caught the last part of the report, and it doesn't appear to be online, but it seemed to only concentrate on one large apartment company. If there was any racism involved it was probably at the local level and very likely does not reflect their overall corporate policy.
Then, Martin Savidge offered a separate report, discussing how an older lady was worried about the local government trying to force her off her property to build casinos. Then, in a disjointed jump, Savidge discussed the building of "New Urbanism" communities, pointing out that they were for those who were rich... and white!

Others say New Urbanism is designed for a limited kind of resident, primarily wealthy and white. Most homes in Seaside sell for more than $1 million.

Yes, Martin, I'm sure those developments have covenants prohibiting non-whites.

Which is exactly what Elaine Parker is afraid of - that plans for the future will make her and her neighborhood a part of the past.

You'd only know it from the video, but Parker is white.
Truly a pathetic pair of reports from NBC.

Brian Williams interviews George Bush

NBC's Brian Williams conducted a long interview with president Bush, and the section about Katrina has Bush:
- repeating his blame-taking for the weak federal response ("to the extent that the federal government was ineffective, I'm responsible")
- given the opportunity to blame Blanco, Nagin, or others, he said "we're beyond that"
- he was watching the TV reports from the Superdome...
- he "certainly hopes" that we won't lose New Orleans on his watch...
- Bush not only knows what the Ninth Ward is, he's familiar with the conspiracy theory about the government blowing up the levees...
- Bush has read about- or had someone tell him about - the blowing up of the levees that occured in the 20s...
And, there's this perhaps-not-entirely-accurate bit:

one of the things we've learned about the levees, Brian, is that they call the levees a certain category, but they weren't up to standards. And so we're now in the process of working with local folks to get the standards of the levees up to where they should have been prior to the storm and even better. And hopefully we'll have the capacity to announce that relatively quickly.

The levees and floodwalls might not have been designed correctly however.

I remember saying that, when I thanked those chopper drivers from the Coast Guard who performed brilliantly, they didn't lower those booms to pick up people saying, "What color skin do you have?" They said, "A fellow American's in jeopardy. And I'm going to do my best to rescue that person."

However, some far-lefties have speculated that shots fired at choppers were because they were being ignored because of triage.
Speaking about Brownie:

You know, Michael [Brown], resigned. And I, you know, I had worked with him during the four hurricanes that hit Florida. He got pretty good marks. And in this case, for whatever reason, the system overwhelmed the whole process. And Michael said, "I'm responsible." And he left.

Kerry Sanders of NBC downplays ACE culpability

Harry Shearer discusses a piece from Kerry Sanders that appeared on tonight's NBC Nightly News, claiming that he ignored the reports from NOLA and other sources blaming the Army Corps of Engineers for their bad floodwall design:

...Sanders' piece merely let a black man returning to his destroyed Ninth Ward home vent his blame on the Corps . It just sounded like a poor man looking for a scapegoat, and Sanders made things worse by following up that sound bite with these voice-over words..."True or not...." Really, Kerry?

2005 Person of the Year: Katrina? Nobodies say yes

A team of notables has highly recommended that Time magazine select Hurricane Katrina as their 2005 Person of the Year. Those making this suggestion are:

NBC anchor Brian Williams...
CNN's Anderson Cooper...
Time reporter Matthew Cooper...
Democratic political consultant Donna Brazile...
conservative activist Grover Norquist...
WorldCom whistleblower Cynthia Cooper, named a Person of the Year by the magazine in 2002...

Yes, exactly: who cares what they think?
In fact, Brian Williams wants to broaden the selection a bit to include Gaia, which would cover global warming, tsunamis, the Pakistan earthquake, global warming, and global warming.

"Katrina gets you to Iraq. It gets you to petroleum. It gets you to presidential politics," Williams said. "It has laid bare so many cracks and fissures in our system."

NBC on the many Blanco mistakes

On Saturday, Lisa Myers had a segment on NBC News discussing Kathleen Blanco's various mistakes. A transcript is here:

Myers: "Though experts had warned it would take 48 hours to evacuate New Orleans, Blanco did not order a mandatory evacuation that Saturday."
...Myers: "She and the mayor waited until Sunday [Aug. 28] , only 20 hours before Katrina came ashore, to order a mandatory evacuation, the first of what disaster experts and Louisiana insiders say were serious mistakes by the governor."
...Myers: "A key criticism, the governor's slowness in requesting federal troops. She told the President she needed help, but it wasn't until Wednesday [Aug. 31] that she specifically asked for 40,000 troops. That day, in a whispered conversation with her staff caught on camera, the governor appears to second-guess herself."
Blanco: "I really need to call for the military."
Unidentified female aide: "Yes, you do. Yes, you do."
Blanco: "And I should have started that in the first call."
Myers: "Another key mistake, experts say, Blanco's lateness in getting the Louisiana National Guard, which she commands, on the streets to try to establish security."
...Myers: "And remember the chaos at the Convention Center? We now know there were at least 250 Guardsmen deployed in another part of that building. But they were engineers, not police, so they were not directed to help restore order or even to share their food and water."
Colonel Doug Mouton, Louisiana National Guard: "I think we would've hurt a lot of people if we'd tried to take that on."
Myers: "The governor would not say whether she made the decision not to use these troops, and tells NBC News that her state's response to Katrina was, quote, 'very well-planned' and 'executed with great precision and effectiveness.'"
Roy Fletcher, Louisiana Political Consultant: "How could any governor argue that they have done what they can do when people were left on an interstate without food and water for a week?"
Myers: "The governor has said she takes responsibility for what went wrong, but insists her biggest mistake was believing FEMA officials who told her help was on the way."

NBC: "In New Orleans, the working class disappears"

Carl Quintanilla offers this short article on New Orleans' working class not coming back:

Despite the mayor's attempts to bring them home, New Orleans has become a closely-watched experiment in what happens when an entire income bracket disappears.
"If they can't bring back these people, you're going to see the city's infrastructure fall apart," says Dr. Robert Blendon of the Harvard University School of Public Health.
Some residents can't return because their neighborhoods, often poor, are still deserted and have no water or power.

Some - we aren't given even a guess as to how many - have found better opportunities elsewhere. Then, the NBC reporter makes another leap:

There are some workers who've moved in to satisfy demand. They're mostly Hispanic, raising a controversy on its own. Some of them line up to do the most menial of jobs, like clean up, and signs offer them $10 dollars an hour.

Is "Hispanic" the best description for these workers? How about "illegal aliens from Mexico"? Wouldn't that be a more truth-based description? Of course, if Quintanilla wants to make "Hispanic" equivalent to "illegal aliens from Mexico" he should say that. Alternatively, he should tell the truth.

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