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Does Jason Zengerle support American workers?

The titular person contributes to a New Republic page called "The Plank", and he offers "If Ray Nagin bashes immigrants, does he make a sound?"
That post links to the NYT article "In Louisiana, Worker Influx Causes Ill Will".
And, the post and the NYT article discuss the Nagin remark "How do I make sure New Orleans is not overrun with Mexican workers?" Let me offer a language lesson: "Mexican workers" refers to workers from... Mexico. It doesn't mean "Hispanics", or "Mexican-Americans", or "Americans of Mexican descent". And, he was clearly referring to illegal aliens, since most of those coming to New Orleans are in fact illegal aliens. Needless to say, Zengerle doesn't understand that distinction.
In fact, while the NYT clearly indicates that most of the workers it's discussing are illegal aliens, Zegerle refers to them as "out-of-state workers", "Hispanic immigrant workers", and "Latino workers".
And, he discusses how they're subjected to "resentment", "animus", "hostility", and "anti-immigrant animus".
Obviously, no one wants to be tarred with such inflammatory rhetoric. So, let me suggest that we just ignore the fact that illegal aliens from Mexico are coming to New Orleans to take jobs that American citizens - many of them African-Americans - could and should be doing.
And, let's ignore the fact that those illegal aliens will send their paychecks - perhaps including money indirectly from the federal government - back to Mexico, further enriching the corrupt oligarchy of that country.
And, let's ignore the fact that corrupt contractors are making out like bandits, paying illegal aliens low wages under the table while getting federal contracts.
And, let's ignore the fact that - unlike American workers - those illegal aliens will be living and working in unsafe conditions.
Everyone in American should ignore that, because the last thing we want is Jason Zengerle to call us haters.
Let's contact TNR and congratulate them on supporting American workers:

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