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Newsweek on modern-day "slavery" in New Orleans

Here's a short article called "A New Spice in the Gumbo", subtitle: "Will Latino day laborers locating in New Orleans change its complexion?"
It contains a couple of interesting quotes:

"I'm working for $6 an hour!" yelled one African-American man at Mayor Ray Nagin's first town-hall meeting last month. "They're bringing in Mexicans and expecting us to work for the same money. Is slavery over, or what?"

Followed by this:

Milton Martins, an undocumented Brazilian working for a demolition company, complains of backbreaking work and abysmal living conditions-triple bunks packed into a stench-filled salon in a downtown hotel. "It's a trash dump," he says. "This is human slavery in America." Even worse, he says, the contractor hasn't paid some of his co-workers in full.

Welcome to George Bush's America. And, welcome to the America supported by many "liberals" as well.

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