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DHS OIG gets $15 million to oversee federal spending

Thirty Department of Homeland Security auditors and investigators from the Office of the Inspector General will monitor funds dispersed for Katrina disaster aid. The latest aid bill included $15 million for that purpose; the 2006 budget for the OIC is $83 million:
From this:

"It is a significant amount of money," former DHS Inspector General Clark Kent Ervin.

More in "Homeland Security Watchdogs to Monitor Katrina Contracts".
From March of this year's "Watchdog details confrontations with Ridge":

The Homeland Security Department's former independent watchdog [Clark Kent Ervin] says he was twice summoned to then-Secretary Tom Ridge's office last year and asked why his reports criticizing the agency were being sent to Congress and whether they could be presented more favorably to the department...

Let's hope that a similar situation is not happening this time.

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