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$10.5 billion hurricane relief almost gone

As of this evening, the $10.5 billion from the original hurricane relief bill will probably all have been spent, the AP reports budget aides as having said.
The next proposal would spend over $50 billion in less than two months. As for the investigation:

...Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada said on the Senate floor that such a probe, led by Republican lawmakers, would be as unbiased as having a baseball pitcher "call his own balls and strikes."
He said Democrats would support the $51.8 billion spending bill, but he complained that most of the money would go to the Federal Emergency Management Agency -- "Is there anyone, anyone, who believes that we should continue to let the money go to FEMA?" -- and said further measures were needed to deal with health care, housing and education...

Halliburton taps $500 million Katrina contract; Allbaugh connection

In February, Joe Allbaugh's company registered to become a lobbyist for Kellogg, Brown & Root, a Halliburton subsidiary. KBR is currently tapping a $500 million contract to do emergency repairs related to Katrina.
A leftie site says:

Just last week, the Wall Street Journal reported, "Senate Appropriations staffers warn business lobbyists are maneuvering to tack on special-interest amendments" to the hurricane supplemental spending bill.
Was Allbaugh one of those maneuvering behind the scenes to get Halliburton a piece of the $10.5 billion pie that Congress recently passed for hurricane disaster relief?

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