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Lakeview residents place ad in Roll Call demanding stronger levees

Residents of New Orleans' Lakeview neighborhood will run an ad in the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call demanding that Congress pays for stronger levees and allows them to return and rebuild. They raised the money online.
It's called "Message From Homeless New Orleanians" and says in part:

"Since the breakdown of the New Orleans flood protection system on August 29, 2005, we have lived like refugees in our own country... The residents of Lakeview and countless other displaced New Orleans communities are sending you this holiday wish in one voice - 'We want to go home.' "

A PDF file is available in the 'Files' section of this Yahoo group. You'll need to join first, but membership is open. However, the ad is an illegible bitmap, so don't bother. The ad directs you to this blog, which doesn't have a copy of the ad. It just tries to pull your heartstrings by reprinting letters from former residents. However, you can see a legible copy in this PDF file.
If they're able to get into the NYT, they probably don't need a better publicist, but perhaps they need a little help in the overall strategy arena.

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