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Is Ruben Navarrette Jr. an American?

The columnist offers "Here come the Latinos - Jesse and Nagin are up in arms". Let's find out whether he's willing to put his country above his race:

Folks such as such as Jackson, who has also complained that too many of the government contracts to rebuild the city are going to firms outside Louisiana. Jackson has gone so far as to propose chartering buses to bring black evacuees back to New Orleans so they could claim jobs that Jackson insists are rightfully theirs.

Should Americans have to compete with illegal aliens from Mexico for those jobs? If anyone has a right to those jobs, shouldn't we assume that Americans do, and not citizens of Mexico? Not everyone on Jackson's buses was black, so perhaps Navarrette should check his facts.
And, would someone who's willing to put their country and their fellow citizens ahead of their race think the same thing as Navarette does?

City officials say that one thing that keeps former residents from wanting to give New Orleans another chance is the lack of subsidized housing.
Guess what? Latino immigrants have to contend with the same shortage. The difference is that the immigrants are not sitting around and waiting for government to come to the rescue. They're probably living two or three families to a house, and saving money to buy a home of their own.
That's how it used to be in this country before the advent of the welfare state. And, if the immigrant values win out in this struggle - over those of the New Orleans officials - it could be that way again.

What would be the American thing to do? How about we encourage those former residents to have values similar to Navarrette's "immigrant values", except with an American flavor, like wearing protective gear when cleaning up toxic waste.

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