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Rush Limbaugh: "the Katrina Media"; tries, fails to dismiss Bush mishandling

The radio host appears to have coined a new term:

Some of the Katrina media -- by Katrina media, meaning they've gotten nothing right. Remember the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? Where are the 10,000 bodies? I want to see the 10,000 bodies. 'Til I see 10,000 bodies I'm not going to believe a damn thing that these people say anymore.

If it were just that, it'd be a term I might use here too. However, he went on:

I want to see the toxic soup water. I want to see the city shut down for six months. I want to see all this. I want to see the evidence that Bush steered the hurricane in there. I want to see the evidence that he blew up the levees to wipe out the ninth ward and to scatter a bunch of black Democrats all around the country thereby watering down their voting power in Louisiana. I want to see all these things before I believe anything they say.

As for the diaspora, well, doesn't it seem to have happened? What exactly is the Bush administration doing to get those black Democrats back to NO? We can argue about whether this was a plan or a happy side-effect, but it certainly seems to be something they favor, no? The Bush administration is making conspiracy theories come true.
As for the toxic soup, do a search here for "soup" or look in to the Katrina cough. The jury still seems to be out on that.
And, only a very small number of people think El Arbusto has a weather machine, and that was only briefly on the nightly news and only in their Oddly Enough segment. It's a bit sleazy for Rush to work that in there, as if it's on par with the rest.
Instead of making cute jokes, El Rushbo might want to consider the long-term impact of Bush's mishandling of the crisis on the GOP.

Limbaugh supports increased presidential, military powers?

Discussing Our Leader's speech, Rush says:

By the way, I thought one of the things that would aggravate the left more than anything in that speech last night that I have not yet found -- they may have done it -- but I haven't yet found a reaction to and it's a huge "See, I Told You So." The president actually said we've learned now that the US military is the one element of our government and the bureaucracy that's best equipped to handle this. And he went on to say that we need to empower them more in circumstances like that. I thought the left would be throwing up red flags, yellow flags, green flags, pink ribbons and everything. You start empowering the military and those people start having babies out of wedlock. Their cows start having babies. I mean, they just lose it. And I haven't heard any reaction to this at all.

Actually, that's one of the things that should bother the right. What Bush was discussing was not empowering the military for action overseas, he discussed empowering them for action here at home. Any American - and especially conservatives - should be disturbed by the possibility of the military taking a more active role in police functions.
He also tries to put a bright smiley face on Bush's LBJ ways.

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