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A journey into Sean Penn's world

Alleged journalist Matt Taibbi offers "Apocalypse There", all about the rescue trip that he, Sean Penn, and author Douglas Brinkley undertook to New Orleans. I'm sure there's a lot of interesting stuff in there, and I'm sure someone else has read it.

A correction for Sean Penn

Dear Mr. Penn:
I'm sorry for believing the VRWC hype about you boating through New Orleans with your personal photographer.
After reading the correction in the NY Daily News, I realize now that that story was false - you had no "personal photographer" on the boat with you. Further, I realize now that what they said about your bung hole, about how you forgot to put in the plug and all, was a lie. Apparently, well, read "Salvaging Sean Penn's Boat" for the truth:

"I witnessed him rescuing up to 40 people," presidential historian and author Douglas Brinkley told the New York Daily News. "He was up to his waist in toxic muck...I'm not going to comment on Sean's trips to Iraq or Iran, but in this case, he was an American hero."
... Penn's CNN appearance was his first since Australia's Herald Sun ridiculed the actor's rescue work, claiming it "foundered badly" due to a leaky boat "loaded with members of [the star's] entourage, including a personal photographer."
...According to Brinkley, the boat did take on water--because it was "overloaded" with storm survivors. According to Penn, his "entourage" consisted of "a couple of friends." (The actor's camp denied the existence of the "personal photographer.")
Penn said he spent about nine hours in the water. In that time, he told Larry King, he saw only three military-helmed boats...


"The Great Deluge": Douglas Brinkley book about Katrina

A book by historian Douglas Brinkley about hurricane Katrina will be released early next year.
Brinkley is a professor at Tulane University in New Orleans, a presidential historian, and a friend of Sean Penn.

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