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Al Gore attends Sierra Club Summit, drives off in Cadillac Escalade

This isn't directly hurricane related, but since we did report that Al Gore eschewed a canceled conference to attend the Sierra Club Summit in San Francisco, I guess this needs to be reported.
An undercover reporter from FreeRepublic is now free to disclose that after speaking at the Summit, Al Gore got into a Cadillac Escalade and was driven off.
The 2006 Escalade is (more or less) an impressive beast, costing well over $50,000. The AWD version is a 6L V8 with 345 horsies under the hood and weighing in at almost two tons.
It only gets 13 MPG city and 17 highway, but, for all we know, Al could have been driving in their new wind-powered model.
(Arianna Huffington was also at the Summit, and she drove off in a more modest Chevy Suburban. Good for her!)

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