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Why did the snipers snipe? The loony left provides an answer.

Michael Neumann is "a professor of philosophy at Trent University in Ontario, Canada." At (stifle it!) Alexander Cockburn's (stifle it!) Counterpunch, he offers unto the world "But What About the Snipers?" Let's listen and learn:

...Now suppose you were a pissed-off thug living in filthy water, with the dead floating by, with crying, dying, frightened, hopeless victims all around you. You might fire on a helicopter just to make it clear that being left to rot was not acceptable. Or, if you were calm enough to think things through, you might ask yourself: what leverage do I have? What do those who have power over thousands of helicopters and rescue craft, over hundreds of thousands of rescuers - those smug assholes asleep at the wheel - what do they want that I can deny them?
Just one thing, to me anyway, comes to mind: the snipers could deny Bush and his minions their face-saving operation, their little bit of success, their triage...

Transcript of Charmaine Neville's story

The 9/2 video here is of evacuee Charmaine Neville describing her experiences getting out of the 9th ward. A transcript is here.
I find some of the things she says a bit questionable, but she was obviously distraught when being taped. She says that helicopters would fly over but wouldn't ever stop, and then offers this:

A lot of those young men lost their minds because the helicopters would fly over us and they wouldn't stop. We'd do SOS on the flashlights, we'd do everything. And it came to a point. It really did come to a point where these young men were really so frustrated that they did start shooting. They weren't trying to hit the helicopters. Maybe they weren't seeing. Maybe if they heard this gunfire they will stop then. But that didn't help us. Nothing like that helped us.

Details of a recovery team

There are some details of a recovery team from Kentucky here:

Coroners were separated into four-member groups with a constant military escort, including helicopters gunships, which were used to protect against snipers as the medical examiners searched the city by boat and foot.

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