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"Local officials fear tax break fallout"

From this:

Giving taxpayers who lost their homes a tax break seems like a nice idea, but [St. Tammany] parish officials are warning state lawmakers that too big of a break may bankrupt the governing bodies that serve residents.
"We all personally agree there should be some benefits, but we need to keep our governing bodies operating," Parish President Kevin Davis told state legislators Wednesday [10/19].

St. Tammany having FEMA issues; Prez wanted four-times rent

CNN reports in "Parish president: FEMA still fumbling" that the Prez of St. Tammany Parish, Kevin Davis, is not satisfied with FEMA's endless red tape:

...Davis cited as an example his request for trailers to house parish residents and emergency workers currently living in shelters and tents.
"I've met with so many FEMA officials outside of my liaison officer; it's just I can't get a response," he complained...

Only at the 12th paragraph of the story do you get this:

...FEMA spokeswoman Nicol Andrews said the agency expects to have more than 1,000 housing units in the area up and running shortly, but that Davis himself has been part of the problem, recommending to the agency that his construction company be hired to develop a property to which he has personal ties.
Davis also asked that FEMA pay $7,000 per acre per month for the property -- more than four times its value, FEMA's Andrews said in an e-mailed response.
Since then, Davis dropped his lease rate "to a reasonable monthly amount," and federal officials have nearly finalized a deal to put housing on the site, which can accommodate as many as 1,000 units, she said.
In addition, FEMA has already installed more than 120 mobile homes in the parish, she said...
...Davis did not immediately return a call seeking further comment...

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