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Bush's Gulf Opportunity Zone doubted

From Chances slim for Bush's proposed 'opportunity zones':

...Meanwhile, a new concept of opportunity zones has emerged. After Hurricane Katrina, Bush proposed creating a Gulf Opportunity Zone that would qualify for about $2 billion in tax breaks. That idea has gotten plenty of attention on Capitol Hill lately.
[Stephanie] Tubbs Jones said she now fears the administration will push for opportunity zones solely in the Gulf region, and devote little political muscle to getting Congress to set up such zones in areas like Greater Cleveland that have suffered long-term job losses.
"My guess is that he's not going to try to do both," said Tubbs Jones, adding that she hopes she's wrong.
Others also are skeptical - both that Bush will push hard for it, and that Congress will show much enthusiasm for it...

Aaron Brown, race-baiter. Plus Stephanie Tubbs Jones

From this transcript of the Sep. 2 NewsNight with Aaron Brown interviewing Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones:

Brown: "I think what I'm wondering is, do you think black America's sitting there thinking, if these were middle class white people, there would be cruise ships in New Orleans, not the Superdome?"
Jones: "Let me say it to you like this, Aaron. We are offended. We are outraged that America, the democracy, is not living up to its calling. We are offended that so many African-American folk -- I'm offended that there are black, brown, whatever color they are, they are sitting in the Astrodome somewhere, not being taken care of. I'm offended that the government has not allocated the resources. It wasn't yesterday that they knew this was going to happen. It was six days ago... [...Red Horse...]"
Brown: "Now, look, here's the question, okay? And then we'll end this. Do you think the reason that they're not there or the food is not there or the cruise ships aren't there or all this stuff that you believe should be there, isn't this a matter of race and/or class?"
Jones: "I think it's mostly a matter of class, but clearly, race is a factor in the areas in which we're operating in southern America. And that were it different, were I the President, it wouldn't be happening."

From the 9/02 article "Black Lawmakers Angry Over Relief Response":

"The issue is not about race right now," said Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, D-Ohio. "There will be another time to have issues about color."

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