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WSJ thankful for wrecked New Orleans Public School system

If you read thinkprogress (nofollowpolicy), you'd think that. Except, they only provide part of the quote from the WSJ:

Catholic schools in New Orleans. That damaged city's public schools remain closed, but at least eight of its 35 private Catholic schools are already back teaching, less than three months after Katrina. Here's a modest proposal to help that city's poorest kids: Don't reopen any of the old public schools, 102 of 117 of which were performing below the state average in any case.

TP omits the final sentence of that paragraph:

Make the entire city a charter and voucher testing ground, and watch the creative spirit of teachers, entrepreneurs and students start to flow.

If you're going to take a quote out of context, let me suggest only doing it with hard-to-find source articles, not those that are not just online but are linked from your post.
OTOH, maybe these two fine sources could create an alternative universe and just duke it out amongst themselves and do everyone else a favor.

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