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UN busybody comments on New Orleans poverty

About the last thing we need is the U.N. using Katrina to push their agenda, yetArjun K. Sengupta, "United Nations independent expert on human rights and extreme poverty" has made an appearance. I'm sure he'll save the day:

After listening to Hurricane Katrina victims and disaster relief workers for several hours Friday, as well as touring parts of New Orleans, [Sengupta] called America's response to the disaster "shocking."
[he says: "Something went wrong and it appears to be a gross violation of human rights."]
He said the federal government has responded slowly and with poor communications to help some of its poorest and most vulnerable citizens.
"The people in New Orleans and the worst affected areas were very poor and what you have to do is a social responsibility of the federal, state and local governments," he said.

Does anyone in their right mind think that the U.N. would end up blaming the local "liberals" rather than the national "conservatives"? Does anyone think they would not end up advocating more or less socialism?
Then, comes this zinger:

"Budget questions should be resolved. If the United States wasn't the richest country in the world, I'd say international aid should come in. But I don't have to say that for the U.S.," he said.
Sengupta plans to reveal his findings before a United Nations panel in April.

Blow it out your arsehole. Tell it to Libya, Syria and Sudan.

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