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10/10: Looting continuing? Will Warren Riley work it out?

Jeff Crouere says, among other things, this:

...Business owners are complaining that looting is continuing in many areas of the city, even with so few people in New Orleans. If crimes are being committed with a reduced population, assistance from other police forces and the National Guard, what is going to happen when more people come back to the city and all this help leaves? It could be that there is a severe lack of officers. Beside the 249 who have been dismissed for desertion, there are allegations surfacing that hundreds more are on the payroll as "phantom officers," people who are receiving checks and used to bolster numbers but not really serving on the force.
Into this calamity steps new Superintendent Warren Riley, a police officer with a track record of over 20 years. He is articulate and seems poised and self assured. He exhibits good leadership skills, which were in such supply with Eddie Compass. However, he also has skeletons in his closet. During his career, he has been suspended five times, including one case in which he did not follow-up on a report made by a woman who feared for her life. The woman claimed that she was being threatened by a police officer and went to Riley for help. Tragically, she eventually died and Riley was suspended for three days for his lack of action.
Because of his suspensions, some people have questions about Riley, but the future of the city of New Orleans is in his hands. If New Orleans is to ever recover, the NOPD must provide a measure of public safety. Otherwise, good citizens will not feel safe enough to return. Can Riley do the job? A good first test will be how he handles this beating incident. If he acts quickly and forcefully and shows the public that this type of behavior will not be tolerated in the NOPD, then maybe the force has a chance to recover and lead the effort to rebuild New Orleans...

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